Ecclesia Community Connect (ECC)

Building Strong Communities

Ecclesia Community Connect is the Community Services division of Apostolic Ecclesia Builders Centre, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Community Agricultural Project


The Garden of Life (The CanaL'Chaim Garden)


To model sustainable agriculture for life transformation of individuals, communities and nations through faithful and productive use of land.

God has revealed a very simple conservation farming method with an implementation of management training. When it is applied, it helps people to apply the Gospel to their lives. Applying the Foundations For Farming technology and management methodology includes (but is not limited to) the following principles:


Spiritual training


Careful management and faithful stewardship of the land. Activities are done: (a) on time; (b) to high standards; (c) with minimum wastage; and (d) with an attitude of joy. It is important to be faithful with the little that God has entrusted to us beginning with soil, rainfall, sunlight, heat-units, seed and manpower.


Wisdom in caring for the soil, which includes minimum tillage and the use of mulch. As we learn from creation, in which there is no deep plowing of the soil, and the earth is covered with a natural layer of mulch. From these two observations we see the value of minimum tillage (so that the soil retains its natural structure with plenty of oxygen, microorganisms and humus) and of mulching (to protect the soil from runoff and erosion).


Wisdom in caring for the crop. Seeds are planted and fertilized precisely and accurately. Weeding is done conscientiously at key times.


Giving and generosity. This is fundamental in reversing the cycle of poverty. If you do not give, you cannot expect to keep receiving. You cannot keep taking from the land without giving back to it.

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Ecclesia Food Bank



During the MCO period, 35 families reached out to us to supply food for their families. Here are the list of food supply given out: 10kg rice, 1 tray eggs, Cooking Oil, 1 whole chicken, Salt & Sugar, Biscuits, Coffee, Baby milk powder, Condense Milk.

Doing small things with a big heart.

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