Author Pastor Lam Kee Hing
Publisher Percetakan Mutiara MP. Sdn Bhd
Year Published 2015

Discover Your Life Purpose


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Discover Your Life Purpose

Pastor Lam is passionate about helping people to discover the purpose of their lives and how to work it out. This is because he sees so many Christians who are retired who are “killing time” and leading lives of “quiet desperation” when ironically they are in the best season to make a difference in the church and society with the time, resources, knowledge, experience and wisdom that they have been blessed with. At the same time, he also observes that many who are in midlife are leading lives of such busyness and restlessness that they are in danger of experiencing the “barrenness of busy lives”. It is a real but sad fact that most people don’t make time and effort to intentionally discover their life purpose . The older folks chill out while the middle age people burn out.

Pastor Lam firmly believes that once people are challenged and helped to discover their life purpose , they will begin to experience true joy and meaning and come alive. It is then that they will begin to invest their time , energy, effort to help advance the kingdom of God and make a difference in individual lives and communities using their areas of expertise and experience. In doing so they will leave a lasting legacy and be a blessing to themselves and those they help.

This is the motivation for him to write this second book and to conduct seminars based on this book!

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