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Chuck Pierce's Word for Borneo in Kuching 28 October 2019 (Complete Transcript)

God always looks at the people that are seeking Him. And there comes a moment where He says, “It’s time for us to move forward. It’s time for us to advance.” And remember what God began to do. Moses began to lead them in addressing all the spiritual forces that were holding them captive. And in addressing that, the people would cry out, “Let our people go so we can go and worship!”

I’m here to say to you, there is a new dimension of worship coming here in Malaysia. In this Borneo portion of Malaysia, worship is about to break forth in a new way.

And then He said, “I’ll give you new authority. You’ll be able to bind and you’ll be able to lose. Forbid and permit. All of a sudden, that becomes a reality. But sometimes we forget that it took 70 years for the “church” that the Lord was talking about to form. And here in the book of Revelation, the Lord comes back to visit John. And He looks at that 70-year-old church, He looks at the seven key churches of the region and He says, “He’s what you’ve done well. Here’s what you’ve not done well. But here’s what you’re gonna have to do if you’re gonna overcome that.”

So I am here to say as our sister said earlier, there is a new wind blowing on East Malaysia. There is a new wind blowing on the churches of East Malaysia. And this new wind is bringing in a new overcoming anointing. Because here’s why – in this new era, we must go beyond where we’ve been. See that is really what happened in the book of Revelation. God explained, Yeshua explained to John about each church. But then He said, “I heard a voice saying, “Come up here.” It was like a trumpet, the shofar. And then it began to speak. And it began to say, “Let me show you things that are to come.”

See, we’re at the same place. The Spirit carries us up to a new place. He’s saying, “Let Me show you new things because in this new era the war intensifies. I call this new era, the era the dragon and lion war. Therefore God’s people must learn how to manoeuvre in and through this warfare structure that is now pervading the earth.

Here in East Malaysia, you become very key for the future. You become a voice of stability. Because here’s the real key – Borneo island, the third largest island in the world, becomes the key to the awakening of all of Asia. The church in East Malaysia is stronger than any other place in Borneo. So the Lord is ready to breathe an awakening anointing on Borneo island. See, I can go back to my visits on this island. I visited Sibu, I visited KK, and now I’m here in this beautiful city. But it was not until I got here that I can see the whole picture. Because see, if you’re from KK stand up. Just welcome them. The matter fact, you two, come up here with me.

So I say, get ready, a new anointing is coming on My people. A new move of the Spirit is coming on East Malaysia. My Spirit will begin to manifest in the churches. My Spirit will begin to manifest in the city and many will say the atmosphere of East Malaysia has changed. I’ll say to you, today is a changing moment. For a new era now has come. And in this era My people’s voice will now be heard. For I am raising up the Judahs of this land. And I say, you will worship all the way from KK to Kuching. You will have corporate worship times in days ahead in these next three years and it will cause this land to have a say in how all of Asia goes. You will incorporate My sound of heaven with your sound of the land and I will have a people that worship in a way that causes heaven and earth to realign. This is the beginning of your change. Put your hand on someone and say, “Receive a new anointing.”

There are several things we’re looking forward in this new decade. Number one, we have the ability to call the winds into a new order. In doing that we have the ability to call back what’s been divided into a whole new dimension. The Lord is going to put together a whole new move of His spirit in this land. This is known as a time of deliverance. So by April you will start seeing great changes in this land. As Allen admonished you, you must begin to worship with freedom. Ask the sound of freedom to permeate the church. Many enemies are on the move. But the Lord says, because you have come together to worship Me, you are setting ambush against the enemy. But here’s the real key – you’re raising up a new generation. A new generation of worshippers are rising. They will have a stronger sound than any others. They will begin to blend and prophesy three generations together. Judah is beginning to move.