Testimonial of A.A – May 2020

Financial Provision during Covid -19

“God is good and He will provide in the midst of the Chaos.“ Just before the MCO period started on March, I received my payment of 50k from a local council from my project that was completed early February 2020.

I wanted to release the payment early, but the Lord told me to wait. So I’ve waited for a period of time till end of April 2020, then the Lord told me to inform my subcontractor and release the payment to my subcon in full amount of 40k +.

So, in obedience to His voice, as I submitted the full amount to my subcon. To my surprise, they gave me an additional RM2k as a gift. This is a very rare situation especially in the season of covid 19.

When I think about it, I praise God – God is good. He will provide for us even as we are going a season of chaos. Just continue to remain in Him and be faithful in your giving. God will really take good care of you.

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