Testimonial of J.M – June 2020

Firsfruits Giving & Blessings in Business

I want to testify God’s goodness in firstfruit and God’s timing. In 2019, I felt to give Firstfruits for new provision.

Around May/June 2019 (Pentecost), I started to have a new provision almost every month. Last month, April 2020 I felt the prompting to give double amounts of my Firstfruits.

This month May (Pentecost time), I received income from 2 businesses. It’s not every time, everything is smooth. There would be times, that I would need to choose to use my leftover balance to pay for my expenses or give Firstfruits.

Yet I always choose to give Firstfruits first , then I always see God is faithful to help me close sale so I could get extra income for expenses and left extra money.

I want to thank God for a wonderful journey to be with Him to experience and tastes His goodness for His faithfulness in providing for me and family.

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