“… for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Rev. 12:10-11

“We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done…” Psalm 75:1

Everybody has a praise report, testimony, a story which defines, shapes, moves or propels them. Our stories are all unique experiences that maybe a salvation experience, a physical healing, an emotional breakthrough, a miracle or an encounter with the power of God.

Sharing our testimony encourages and imparts faith to others, and releases God’s power to perform similar acts or exploits. May the Lord bless you and cause your testimony to explode as you have opportunity to share it.

Testimonial of A.A

May 2020

Financial Provision during Covid -19

“God is good and He will provide in the midst of the Chaos.“ Just before the MCO period started on March, I received my payment of 50k from a local council from my project that was completed early February 2020.

I wanted to release the payment early, but the Lord told me to wait. So I’ve waited for a period of time till end of April 2020, then the Lord told me to inform my subcontractor and release the payment to my subcon in full amount of 40k +.

So, in obedience to His voice, as I submitted the full amount to my subcon. To my surprise, they gave me an additional RM2k as a gift. This is a very rare situation especially in the season of covid 19.

When I think about it, I praise God – God is good. He will provide for us even as we are going a season of chaos. Just continue to remain in Him and be faithful in your giving. God will really take good care of you.

My husband and I have been giving Firstfruits ever since we received revelation to give FirstFruit through Proverbs 3:9-10.

This year at Passover April 5780/2020, we took a leap of faith and gave a 4 figure FirstFruits. In May 2020, we received a 500% return on our 4 figure giving in April 2020. This has been the largest increase we have seen over the last 5 years of Firstfruits giving.

Throughout the 5 years, we have seen the Lord providing for us in miraculous ways. In 2017, the Lord provided for our family we had no income for 1 year and 4 months, until He provided us with a new and better job. We have received supernatural favor and inheritance (monetary gifts and landed property) and additional sources of income ever since.

In summary, our giving of Firstfruits, Tithes, Offerings and Alms is driven by the faith and revelation we receive through God’s Word. It is our way to worship Him. It is also about us receiving abundant blessings in accordance to His promises so that we can be a source of blessing to His kingdom.

Testimonial of F.C

May 2020

Firstfruits Giving & Exponential Increase

Testimonial of J.M

May 2020

Firsfruits Giving & Blessings in Business

I want to testify God’s goodness in firstfruit and God’s timing. In 2019, I felt to give Firstfruits for new provision.

Around May/June 2019 (Pentecost), I started to have a new provision almost every month. Last month, April 2020 I felt the prompting to give double amounts of my Firstfruits.

This month May (Pentecost time), I received income from 2 businesses. It’s not every time, everything is smooth. There would be times, that I would need to choose to use my leftover balance to pay for my expenses or give Firstfruits.

Yet I always choose to give Firstfruits first , then I always see God is faithful to help me close sale so I could get extra income for expenses and left extra money.

I want to thank God for a wonderful journey to be with Him to experience and tastes His goodness for His faithfulness in providing for me and family.

Today my dad decided to go to work by faith. It has been 4 months now since his first attack (stroke). Praise God he is able to walk quite a distance to his office. It brings so much joy to me and my family to be able to see my father to walk on his own feet again. His doctor also stop and reduce some of the medicine as my father become healthier every time went for medical check-up at hospital. God has been and always be beside my father throughout his recovery.

Testimonial of N.S

Nov 2019

Father’s Healing From Stroke

Testimonial of B.L

Nov 2017

Blessings in Business

One of my Bungalow’s projects requires additional extension due to the small existing site. To fully maximize the extension, I have to comply with a new set of requirements implemented by the local authority. However, under these new requirements, my plan has to be referred to Kuching for approval. This would cause a delay to my project timeline.One day I decided to seek advice from my peer & i committed my plans to the Lord. My peer informed me that approval could only be given up to a certain limit for the buildup. I felt so relieved as the figure of the built-up area mentioned is exactly the same as what I am proposing. I praise the Lord for blessings of wisdom, clarity & discernment upon me.