Blessing the Land of Malaysia – Malaysia Day 2020

Malaysia Day 2020


Shofar collaboration of 

9 Shofar Teams in Sarawak, Malaysia.


Prophetic symbolism of 9: Birthing Something New. In other words, God wants to birth something new in Sarawak.

9 Shofar Teams consisting of: Apostolic Ecclesia Builders Centre (Miri), Harvest of Zion (Sibu), Ps Terry Tegas & Group (Betong) & Agape Family Centre (Miri, Limbang, Bintulu, Kapit, Kuching), Bario Shofar Team (Bario).

In this new era of Pey, God has imparted to us:

1. Shofar

    • breakthrough instrument
    • He has given us a functional and effective use of the shofar so that we can move with Him like never before

2. Hear & Listen to Voice of God

  • Hearing and Listening to the Voice of God and the release of His power
  • Carry out the assignments as we hear God

3. Operating in God’s time & seasons

  • through His appointed times – Feasts, New Moon/ FirstFruits
  • moving into God’s timing & revelation

Significance for Sarawak

  1. deliverance that will help people and territory break free from captivity.
  2. fruitfulness that will enable people and the land to prosper in all that they do.
  3. timing that will align us with God’s plan, sound and movement,
  4. victory that will help us overcome all those things that have stood in our way, in the past.
  5. the release of the presence of God so that the awesome presence of God can begin to enter in and rule over our life and our territory.
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