Author Gary Chapman
Publisher Moody Press
Year Published 2015

The 5 Love Languages of Your Family 2 in 1 (Children & Teenagers)


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The 5 Love Languages of Your Family 2 in 1 (Children & Teenagers)


This practical and wise book will help you to understand your children and teens more fully and learn what you can do to convey feelings of respect, affection, and commitment that will resonate in their souls for a lifetime. In The 5 Love Languages of Children, Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D. have applied the innovative system of the 5 love languages to children.

This easy-to-read resource gives practical suggestions for understanding how your child gives, receives, and interprets love. Through real life examples, this book will help you discern your child’s love language and learn how to create a secure environment in which he or she can thrive.

Discover how to successfully express your respect, affection, and commitment to your child, and notice the improvement in his or her behavior and in your relationship. It’s easy to tell when a teenager wants to be loved. Getting the message across is another matter entirely.

In addition to the obvious generation gap, many parents and children face a sort of language barrier as well. The 5 Love languages of Teenagers is an invaluable tool for analyzing a teen’s love language and expressing your affections in an effective way. The search for love in a teenager’s life can lead to disastrous results. But if you can speak the right language, the difference can seem miraculous.

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