Testimonial of F.C – May 2020

Firstfruits Giving & Exponential Increase

My husband and I have been giving Firstfruits ever since we received revelation to give FirstFruit through Proverbs 3:9-10.

This year at Passover April 5780/2020, we took a leap of faith and gave a 4 figure FirstFruits. In May 2020, we received a 500% return on our 4 figure giving in April 2020. This has been the largest increase we have seen over the last 5 years of Firstfruits giving.

Throughout the 5 years, we have seen the Lord providing for us in miraculous ways. In 2017, the Lord provided for our family we had no income for 1 year and 4 months, until He provided us with a new and better job. We have received supernatural favor and inheritance (monetary gifts and landed property) and additional sources of income ever since.

In summary, our giving of Firstfruits, Tithes, Offerings and Alms is driven by the faith and revelation we receive through God’s Word. It is our way to worship Him. It is also about us receiving abundant blessings in accordance to His promises so that we can be a source of blessing to His kingdom.

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